Freight Agent

The primary duty of a freight agent is to coordinate with the company that needs trucking services for their cargo.

Calls the trucking companies to take the goods and prepare the documents needed for the shipment before forwarding to his broker to process the payment, such as the BOL

Agents’ main objective is to ensure that incoming and outgoing shipments are done properly and timely.

Agents look for credible shipping company that caters their needs and meets their requirements. determining the most expedient route.

Agents are working under the protection of a broker’s license, insurance coverage and surety bond. Agents work without financial risk; he must share his earnings with his sponsoring broker.

Freight broker agents mostly do transactions over the phone, or the internet and they rarely come into actual meeting.

Must make sure that they hire credible carriers for the delivery of cargo and take consideration on the affordability of the carrier.

About you

  • Being your own boss
  • Work from your home or an office
  • Know time is money
  • Professional pursuit of new opportunities
  • Have the tools to do the work including office space, PC and Smart Phone


  • Customer first mentality
  • Call prospective customers for outbound and inbound shipments
  • Be able to close the deal
  • You will negotiate a profitable rate.
  • Don’t leave money on the table. Look for ways to get additional shipments.
  • Follow the pickup from start to finish with our tracking device
  • Be proactive if there is a problem. Resolve issues that arise
  • Maintain customer loyalty
  • Learn if they have any potential new accounts