Welcome Carriers

As a carrier partner, not only do we value you as a  person but value and understand that you are the foundation to our success.

Why join us?

At Clarke Logistics Group, LLC you are treated with the respect that you deserve as the backbone of our company and of our country. We understand that hard work is essential  from our  carrier partners.  Transparency, honesty, upfront and driver friendly are the qualities we bring to all of our carrier base partners to ease the burden and bring job satisfaction for years to come.

Join Our Team

How to Get Started

In order to get set up as an approved Carrier for Clarke Logistics Group, LLC, please complete and return the following documents to us through our Onboarding DAT partners. Thank you.

  • Carrier Profile Form
  • Broker-Carrier Contract
  • A copy of your Operating Authority
  • A copy of Certificate of Insurance with Clarke Logistics Group listed as the holder
  • Copy of your W-9 form
  • Carrier Payment Set-Up form