Do you need to move 5 to 18 skids or 6,000 to 19,000 pounds? This load is not enough for a Truckload, but more than LTL can be moved as a volume on most carriers typically costing less than LTL or Truckload. Utilizing a single point of contact, usually a volume shipment can be arranged with a carrier that will deliver it directly, eliminating any cross dock and reducing delivery time. At Clarke Logistics Services, we will negotiate cost savings for you on those shipments with LTL or Truckload carriers that specialize in volume moves.

As always, we deliver the same dependable pickup and delivery service whether you ship throughout the lower 48 states and Canada or have specific intrastate, regional or lane specific markets. Customizing solutions for your specific needs is where your single point of contact excels.

Our success was built on exceeding the customers expectation and creating the best experience for each client small to large.